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Uprated Head Gasket and Studs Kit for all Abarth and Fiat 1.4T Engines

Uprated Head Gasket and Studs Kit for all Abarth and Fiat 1.4T Engines


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Introducing our advanced head gaskets designed for optimal performance and reliability. These head gaskets feature a triple-layered construction, comprised of steel sheets with varying compositions, and are coated with a resilient elastomer layer for exceptional sealing capabilities.

Enhanced sealing is achieved through strategically placed beadings surrounding combustion chambers and oil/coolant passages, elevating local sealing pressure (Macro Sealing). Additionally, full-surface or partial elastomer coatings contribute to further tightness (Micro Sealing).

The unique composition of these gaskets significantly boosts sealing and injection pressure, ensuring optimal engine head bolt tension and delivering improved reliability and performance.

Manufactured through a meticulous process, our gaskets are crafted from high-grade stainless steel. Each layer undergoes precise formation using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology and is embossed with an optimized process. To alleviate forming-induced stress, all head gaskets undergo a stress-relieving process.

To enhance durability, our gaskets receive a two-part polymer coating after stress relieving, seamlessly applied to the outer layers. This coating not only maintains the micro seal properties, crucial for engine oils and coolants, but also withstands harsh environments induced by engine heat cycles. Elevate your engine's performance with our cutting-edge head gaskets.

See dropdown options for M9 or M10 thread size.

Please close the studs into the block by hand (No Torque).

Nuts should be torqued to 70Nm.

Please note unless these items show in stock, the average wait time can be between 2-4 Working Weeks.

Please Contact Us For Stock Availability.

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