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TMC Turbo

Up To 260 BHP TMC TD04L Hybrid Turbo Conversion Kit for Fiat 500 Abarth USA Model

Up To 260 BHP TMC TD04L Hybrid Turbo Conversion Kit for Fiat 500 Abarth USA Model


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Downpipe & Model
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The Famous TMC Motorsport Stage 2 Turbo Kit which we usually run safely around 235 BHP with accompanying Modifications. However with some extra accompanying modifications you can see figures of up to around 260 BHP. (Hardware Dependant)

As with all these kits you will REQUIRE various supporting mods such as (All which can be purchased from our webshop),

  • Upgrade Intercooler
  • Upgraded Intake System
  • Full Exhaust System
  • Forged Pistons & Rods (Required for 250+ BHP)
  • Upgraded Camshafts (1.4 Multiair Engines Required 240+ BHP)

With all this extra power please don't FORGET to make sure your stopping power & suspension is all up to standard in terms of running this power. If you require any help regarding this, don't hesitate to get in contact. 

Contact us for suggestions on accompanying mods.

(Depending on Variant Chosen You Will Receive the Corresponding Parts, Contact us if your unsure which variant you need).
Our Full Kits include:

  • TD04L-PHASE1 Professionally Balanced with Red Coloured Lightened Ergal Wheel Impeller,
  • Integrated Actuator,
  • De-Cat Downpipe,
  • (OPTIONAL) Sports Cat (This may limit your overall Power),
  • Flange, Nuts, Bolts Necessary For Fitting,
  • Modified Oil Hose,
  • Blow off valve relocation adapter,
  • (OPTIONAL) Uprated Camshaft,
  • Any Gaskets, Screws & Clamps Necessary for Installation will be provided.
Fiat 500 Abarth USA vehicles come with 3 Bar Sensors as standard so all kits on this listing will not contain these 3 Bar Sensors. From our extensive testing Fiat 500 Abarth USA Model Stock Injectors are adequate for 250 BHP & are not required. These "390cc Injectors" are also not included in this listing.


For 1.4 Multiair Engines, we will include a Blow Off Valve Relocation Adapter which is required. It can be viewed HERE.

  • Professionally balanced Genuine Mitsibushi TD04L turbo unit
  • Red hard-anodised 7075 aluminium (Ergal) compressor impeller. 
  • 860°C bearing capacity with 920°C peak.
  • 7075 aluminium (Ergal) water line blanking cap.

Information below from Saito (The Manfacturer of This Turbo):

The current 1.4 Fiat engine is fascinating, powerful and reliable in line with Fiat’s quality which for many years has developed and produced small and medium-sized petrol engines capable of delivering thrilling power in sport versions. SAITO interest for tuning has been born since the turbo engines 1.4 was installed on the Fiat Uno and Punto GT which led our company to provide specific tuning kits according to the intended use. There are tuning kits designed to achieve high torque with very respectable engine power and other tuning kits designed to achieve power higher even than 60% nominal values. The decision to provide specific kits according to different needs was born to suit those who used their cars on track rather than for slalom races or hill climb races. In these disciplines the engine must have a very different torque and power supply. Following success in SP170 and SP190 tuning kits for the “old” 1.4 engine, SAITO has decided to develop a TD04 / TD04L turbocharger in the form of a COMPLETE KITS to meet fans and professional installers.

The power achieved at a pressure of about 1.1 Bar is 235 hp with a torque output of about 25 Kgm to over 310. Obviously the control unit needs to be remapped. It is possible to set up the engine to reach a power of 260 hp with a boost pressure of about 1.7 Bar but it is necessary to arrange important engine modifications such as molded pistons, ring head gasket, and increased injectors. TD04L-PHASE 1 is a TD04 / TD04L turbocharger oil cooled equipped with a HiSi turbine housing (good resistance to temperatures with a maximum bearing capacity of around 860° with a peak of 920°) and with pneumatic pressure regulator in direct connection with the compressor in order not to use the air pressure regulator connected to the control unit. It is a simple solution that can reduce set-up issues.

SAITO supplies the TD04L-PHASE1 Scorpio Kit with 1.1 bar waste gate actuator. This type of strong actuator provides direct pressure control between the compressor and the actuator without use the duty cycle valve called Pierburg which has to remain electronically connected. In case you would handle the pressure through the duty cycle electric valve (Pierburg), you need to set-up a low pressure actuator (0.6 bar) that can be ordered with the tuning kit at a slightly higher price.

The UP TO 260 BHP TMC TD04L HYBRID TURBO CONVERSION KIT FOR ABARTH 500 / 595 / 695 kit has no rivals, it is the cheapest and most performing tuning kit available on today’s market and it is easy to install. You only need to change the remapping of the control unit but it is always suggested to refer to a professional installer. SAITO provides the most famous Italian and international car tuners with high quality products and tuning kits made with Mitsubishi TD04L / TD04 turbochargers, according to the highest standards and materials specifically designed for racing – we do not use Chinese products!

We would like to make it clear that our turbos are supplied and modified by Saito Italy who are the only officially authorised European Mitsubishi turbo distributor, meaning that the turbo chargers we supply are guaranteed to be genuine Mitsubishi parts.


We would like to draw people’s attention to cheap copy turbochargers, made in China, being offered by several suppliers - these are not genuine Mitsubishi turbos, they are low quality copies and are known to fail easily.


Our advice is to please check the supply chain that you buy from as cheap often means low quality, and saving some money on the purchase can cost much more in the end if you have to strip the engine down to replace the turbo. Remember, if it's too good to be true - it usually is.

Please see VARIANT Options for different kits depending on your NEEDS.
Contact us to confirm if your unsure.
Picture for illustration purposes only.
The installation of decat downpipes and sports catalysts may necessitate an ECU calibration for optimal performance. It is important to note that these products are designed for off-road use only, and their usage on public roads may violate regulations and emissions standards.

Please contact us for stock availability.

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