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TMC "COPPA ITALIA" Limited Edition Oil Pan By Prometeo for Abarth T-Jet or Multiair Engines

TMC "COPPA ITALIA" Limited Edition Oil Pan By Prometeo for Abarth T-Jet or Multiair Engines


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Words by Marco from Prometeo SRL:

"The long-time partnership with TMC Motorsport has led Prometeo to present the new amazing Limited Edition "TMC Coppa Italia" Once more, Prometeo wants to enhance traits of Made in Italy with a product designed and manufactured with high quality materials by experienced professional of our territory.
This Limited Edition Oil Pan is not only a technical item but a little piece of art which celebrates driving passion and Italian beauty.
This Oil Pan is well-finished in details and can be used also as a motor furniture to be set on the room you dedicate to Italian Style."

Prometeo Oil Pan kit is constituted by:

  • Increased capacity oil pan, including anti-shaking bulkhead, exhaust heat insulating panel, magnetic oil drain plug (M14x1.5) and temperature sensor hole plug (M14×1.5).
  • Oil filling plug anodised red in colour with gasket
  • 4 screws M6 × 95

Prometeo Oil Pan kit does NOT include the sealant needed to seal the junction between oil pan and engine block.
Prometeo Oil Pan entirely replaces standard oil pan.

With fixing dimensions substantially identical to standard pan, the assembly is similar to the original one.

It's mandatory to remove old sealant from engine block flange and restore sealing with a good quality mastic. Use, for instance, original Fiat sealing mastic.

Drain plugs M14x1.5 have to be tightened with a contained torque of max
10-12 Nm in order to prevent damages to seal ring and threads.

IMPORTANT: Prometeo Oil Pan assembling must be done by a professional mechanic skilled in engine tuning. As indication, M6 screws should be tighted at a torque of 10 Nm (7.4 ft lb).

IMPORTANT: Prometeo oil pan allows an extra oil capacity of 2 liters (0.53
US gal) respect to standard one. To set the correct oil level, follow the marks on the standard dipstick; note that, with level on maximum mark, the pan is full of 4.5 - 4.8 liters (1.2-1.3 US gal).

IMPORTANT: Prometeo Oil Pan Kit is a sports product, designed for racetrack use only.

IMPORTANT: Prometeo is not responsible for damages to people and objects due to improper assembly or misuse of the Oil Pan Kit or its parts.

Please note this is a hand painted product so signs of hand crafting may be visible on the product.

Only 5 of these oil pans have been produced and once sold they will be no longer available, each indivdual pan has a unique number plaque displaying "TMC Motorsport Coppa Italia Limited Edition 1 of 5" and these will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Please Contact Us For Stock Availability.

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