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RTS Performance Uprated Clutch and Flywheel Kit for Abarth 500/595/695

RTS Performance Uprated Clutch and Flywheel Kit for Abarth 500/595/695


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RTS Performance Uprated Clutch and Single Mass Flywheel Kits for the Abarth 500/595/695. 

This new Abarth 500/595/695 Performance clutch kit by RTS Europe promises big things. The unique design allows a much increased torque handling capability whilst maintaining as close a pedal feel as possible to the factory clutch.

  • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate which maintains the factory pedal effort.
  • Heavy duty organic wide angle damper twin-sprung drive plate to maintain a factory level of comfort and NVH.
  • Cast iron single mass flywheel (same weight as the original dual mass flywheel) in order to ensure no transmission or gear rattle at idle.
  • Crank and pressure late bolts included.
  • RTS HD Concentric slave cylinder included for manual gearbox cars.

RTS unique “Twin Friction” drive plate has been developed using a unique flywheel side friction material whilst adopting a segmented pressure plate face. The aramid friction exhibits 50% less wear than a conventional drive plate friction material.
This material also reduces the effects of fade. Fade is the decline in the clutch system’s ability to transmit torque as operating temperatures increases. These features in combination with the previously mentioned micro-structure of spheroidal casting and ER2 technology allows the clutch kit to dissipate heat far more effectively, allowing the clutch to run cooler for longer. RTS kit has been designed with a higher clamp load enabling the clutch system to transmit 60% more torque over the standard clutch kit and is suitable for every day driving, fast road and track/circuit racing whilst maintaining user-friendly driving experience. RTS Twin Friction kit has been designed with a higher clamp load allowing.

Available with a Range of Friction materials;

  • HD Organic has been designed to maintain a factory pedal effort and feel whilst allowing an increase in torque handling up to 395lb/ft or 535Nm. This is the only material we recommend for the MTA gearbox, 
  • Twin Friction has been designed to maintain a very close to factory pedal feel, still being capable of being daily driven and allowing an increase in torque handling to 465lb/ft or 630Nm.
  • 5 Paddle has been designe dto stand up to the harshest conditions on track, where the clutch is designed to handle the heat and sustained high loads, without being an on/of switch. This clutch is able to handle up to 595lb/ft or 810Nm.


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