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Forge Motorsport Blow Off Valve for Abarth 500/595

Forge Motorsport Blow Off Valve for Abarth 500/595


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Why buy the Forge Fiat 500 dump valve? Your Fiat 500 is equipped with an electronic solenoid driven valve from the factory, which is integrated into the functions of the ECU, and unplugging or removing the valve will result in a check engine light on the dashboard.

The Forge solution is to retain the solenoid operation, but to use it to divert vacuum and boost pressure to the valve, to make it into a more traditional valve driven by air pressure. The Forge valve will give you a product that is superior in its construction and durability over the OEM valve, and of course the forge is serviceable and guaranteed for life.

Over time the OEM valve begins to leak, and in some cases the plastic piston goes brittle and breaks.

The Forge valve doesn’t suffer with either of these problems as it uses an aluminium piston and is totally rebuildable. It’s also configurable for different levels of boost pressure e.g. on a remapped car, by simply changing the piston preload spring inside the valve.

Go fit the Forge Fiat valve and enjoy the performance.

  • The Forge atmospheric Blow Off valve for the Fiat 500 Abarth T-Jet made from billet aluminium.
  • This atmospheric blow off valve dumps the charge-air to atmosphere creating the "Whoosh" sound when the throttle is lifted.
  • This improves the throttle response and increases the clamping load to maintain boost pressure more reliably.
  • Unlike single piston or diaphragm diverter valves, this uses counter balanced springs and dual pistons to prevent the valve from leaking air into the intake system at idle.
  • This prevents our blow off valves suffering any of the failures associated with single piston and diaphragm type diverter valves.
  • The kit is complete with all fittings and includes a replacement solenoid and wiring harness to activate the valve to retain the engine management functionality.
  • The valve itself is of dual piston design for longevity with the ability to be serviced and tuned with replacement springs if required. (See below)


If you wish to tune this product to fit the needs of your engine, please see the spring tuning kit here.

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