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Abarth Abarth Punto Pre-cut, Easy Fit Plain Sunstrip - ESSENTIAL SQUEEGEE INCLUDED

Abarth Abarth Punto Pre-cut, Easy Fit Plain Sunstrip - ESSENTIAL SQUEEGEE INCLUDED


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Revamp the way you apply a sunstrip to your Fiat/Abarth Punto with our revolutionary solution.

Bid farewell to the tedious hours spent tinkering with a sizable vinyl rectangle, accompanied by the nerve-wracking task of wielding a knife to trim excess material—potentially jeopardizing your window rubbers. Our innovative easy-fit sunstrips are precisely pre-cut to match the contours of your windscreen, ensuring a seamless, tailored fit. We've eradicated all the frustration and complexity from the sunstrip fitting process, granting you more time to relish the pleasures of your drive.

Crafted exclusively from long-lasting Hexis 5-7 year vinyl, our sunstrips not only boast durability but also elevate the aesthetic of your Fiat/Abarth Punto. Opt for a sleek, logo-free look for a touch of minimalist style.

Incorporate ease into your application routine by using a spray bottle of soapy water and the included squeegee. While we provide the essential squeegee, you'll need to source your soapy water for a flawless application experience.

Transform the way you enhance your Fiat/Abarth Punto's appearance with our easy-fit sunstrips, making the process effortlessly enjoyable.

Please Contact Us For Stock Availability. Please note these items are made to order and may have a lead time of up to 5-10 working days.

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