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Abarth T-Jet Models Only Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold EU

Abarth T-Jet Models Only Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold EU


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Description by Scara:
New exhaust manifold made of 310s stainless steel with symmetrical heart-shaped tubes. This form of the manifold is designed to have the same expansions in all the tubes. It is resistant to high temperatures (1040 ° C) Unlike the classic 304 stainless steel that only withstands up to 900 ° C. It improves the flow of emissions unlike the original, which is already very sacrificed. This collector significantly improves performance at high revs, and exhaust temperatures are reduced by 60 ° C under the same conditions, increasing engine reliability. This collector, suitable for turbo upgrade, is mounted without modification in the engine compartment, requires a specific downpipe to hold under the monobloc in the original position. It is also suitable for turbo upgrade. The kit includes: -310s stanñes steel Manifold -Thermal Bandage -UniBall Support and support -Modified water pipe It is rigorously strict to use thermal bandages to: 1-Reduce thermal shocks. 2-Keep hot gases as much as possible (hot gases, create more kinetic energy to move the turbo) 3-Keep the lowest temperatures in the engine compartment. This Manifold comes with water pipe + thermal bend + uniball and brackets.

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