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DNA Racing

Abarth Punto Front Adjustable Torsion Bar Kit - DNA RACING

Abarth Punto Front Adjustable Torsion Bar Kit - DNA RACING


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The standard torsion bar is very soft. This will limiting the performance during a curve. This kit allows to increase the rigidity of the system making the attitude of the vehicle much more "flat" and much more responsive to changes of direction.The torsion bar is made by a 25mm armonic steel solid bar, two aluminum clamps machined from billet and bushings Powerflex-DNA 80 Shore.

For a perfect dynamic equilibrium we suggest to use this bar together with our rear 20mm solid armonic steel adjustable torsion bar kit PC0167.

We recomend in conjuction with our front torsion bar to use our front torsion bar tie rods kit PC0293 too: the standard ones are very weak and they can fail due to the rised torsion stiffness of the kit.

Applications Fiat Grande Punto - Abarth incl. (2005 - 2012) / Alfa Romeo Mito (2008 -) / Opel Corsa D OPC incl. (2006 - 2014) / Opel Corsa E OPC incl. (2015 -)
Materials Silicon spring steel Ø 25 mm
Finishing Sand blasting, primer, powder coated epoxy heavy duty paint in metallic gray, transparent

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