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DNA Racing

Abarth Grande Punto Front Adjustable Suspension Arms Kit - DNA RACING

Abarth Grande Punto Front Adjustable Suspension Arms Kit - DNA RACING


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This wishbones kit can replace the front suspensions arm with a uniball system one. The big advantage of this system consists in the elimination of any play in the arms caused by the original silentblocks which tends to move and to deteriorate easily. Camber and caster adjustable.

This kit allows a precise movement of the wheel and garantee the maintaining the characteristic angles defined during the static set up of the vehicle. All this results is a very precise steering, improve traction and lateral acceleration.  The wishbones kit will allows caster and camber adjustment. 

The wishbones are made in carbon steel,  the kit includes high quality motorsport ball joints .

Given the complexity of the system, this kit should only be assembled by highly specialized personnel.

N.B. attention must be paid to the adjustment in particular of the length of the arm to ensure the correct play of the sliding of the joint of the half shafts.

DNA does not grant any form of necessary guarantee for incorrect assembly of the system which could generate broken axle shafts and consequent damage to the transmission and other components in general.

Suitable for FIAT GRANDE PUNTO - ABARTH INCL. (2005 - 2012) / ALFA ROMEO MITO (2008 -) / OPEL CORSA D OPC INCL. (2006 - 2014) / OPEL CORSA E OPC INCL. (2015 -)

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