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Abarth 124 Spider Upgraded Front Mounted Intercooler

Abarth 124 Spider Upgraded Front Mounted Intercooler


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Description by Scara:

Increased intercooler with motorsport radiant mass with a volume of 7.5 liters or 11.2 liters depending on the expected power step. It installs perfectly plug and play with the supplied 5-layer silicone tubes without modification as you can clearly see from the attached photos.

First of all I tried to find the radiant mass that could be better adapted, I chose the one in the picture because it is certainly a mass of high quality both in terms of heat dissipation and for its wide air passages and for its lightness. .
Then I tried to connect the air inlet and outlet to the intercooler through double curves that help to reduce the pressure drops as much as possible.

From a road test of the car, contrary to what one might think, the response to the gas improves (due to the better efficiency of the channels) and that the turbo pressure has in fact increased slightly. Even the temperature of the intake air, under the same external conditions, has drastically reduced.


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