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TMC 200 Cell Sports Cat for Abarth 500/595/695 & Punto

TMC 200 Cell Sports Cat for Abarth 500/595/695 & Punto


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This affordable sports cat is designed to de-restrict exhaust flow by replacing the stock 400 cell catalyst with a 200 cell unit, increasing power.

As they cover more than one model within the Abarth range, some adjustments may be required.

Our 200 Cell catalysts we use in our downpipes are "Brain" which is one of the highest quality catalysts available on the market.


This product has been produced for the UK market meaning if this product if being installed of a car outside of the UK is not guarenteed to comply with other local laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle safety standards & or emission requirements.

You MAY require an ECU Remap when installing this Sports Cat due to less restriction on the exhaust which MAY cause the EML light to illuminate. Acquiring the correct ECU Remap will resolve this issue and make the most out of your Sports CAT.

We can also provide the ECU Remap for this product on our website, get in touch if you require any additional information regarding this service.

Please Contact Us For Stock Availability.

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