CG Motorsport Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kit for Abarth 500 MTA Models - Abarth Tuning

TMC Motorsport by CG Motorsport Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kit for Abarth 500 MTA Models

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SKU: 300-0240

The CG Motorsport Stage 3 performance clutch kit is designed for tuned cars, perfect for unlocking the extra power of your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Allows an increase in stock torque up to 45%-50%
  • Race feel engagement
  • Hand Built with the finest quality materials.
  • Will allow much more aggressive driving and gear changes
  • Can handle performance enhancing remaps.
  • Comes with our unique grooved and curved slotted design, allowing a vast reduction in surface heat and distributes an extra 7-8% load to the drive plate.

The clutch kit supplied maybe 4,5 or 6 paddles depending on the size of clutch kit or your order requirements.

A 500 mile break in is required with this clutch.

If your vehicle uses a mechanical release bearing, this will be included in the kit.

Concentric Slave Cylinders are not included.

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Please note these items are built to order. Average build time is around 2-4 Working Weeks during busy periods and 1-2 Working Weeks normally. These parts are not available to order for vehicles built in Mexico (US Vehicles)

CG Motorsport have been specialising in Automotive clutch kits for over 35 years. Now after extensive testing, TMC Motorsport are happy to announce that we recognise these products as of the higest quality, and to recognise this we are happy to present the TMC Motorsport by CG Motorsport clutch range.