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Abarth 500 Brembo Brake Disc Set Xtra - Rear

Abarth 500 Brembo Brake Disc Set Xtra - Rear


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The Brembo Xtra Brake System is a high quality product for use in either every day traffic conditions or for the high speed motorway, it is at home in every situation. This disc comes to use in the GT Kits and is made to be used in conjunction with high quality brake pads as for example EBC Red- or Yellowstuff and Ferodo DS2500 & DS3000. Not even the best disc is invunerable. To run the brakes in please read the enclosed papers before setting off on your first journey with your new discs. Never park your car after a hefty drive "down the road", they will distort, always do a "cooling run" so that the discs can cool sufficiently before packing up for the night. Also helpful, every now and again it would be helpful to clean the holes of the discs, do not use anything that will damage the anti-corrosion coating, compressed air or even water will do the job just fine. Price for 2 discs!

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