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Abarth 500 / 595 / 695 TMC Front & Rear Wheel Spacers Package

Abarth 500 / 595 / 695 TMC Front & Rear Wheel Spacers Package


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Spacer Kit
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SKU: TMC-500-SPACERPACKAGE-101/102/103

Elevate your vehicle's performance and aesthetic appeal with our precision-engineered TMC wheel spacers. Designed to increase the track values, these spacers not only impart a strikingly aggressive look to your car but also significantly enhance stability.

The adjustment of track values on a single axle plays a pivotal role in altering the vehicle's behavior, influencing the degree of understeer or oversteer. Specifically, augmenting the track value on the front axle tends to increase understeering, while adjusting the rear track value enhances oversteering.

Our TMC Front & Rear Wheel Spacers Package are comprehensive solutions that include a pair of spacers for the Front and Rear of the vehicle along with all the requisite bolts for a seamless modification process. What sets our TMC wheel spacers apart is their Hubcentric design, ensuring precise and secure fitment. This distinguishing feature, applicable to sizes 13mm and above, sets TMC apart from other sellers in the market.

Elevate both the performance and visual allure of your vehicle with TMC's Hubcentric wheel spacers – a testament to quality, stability, and style.

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